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Diverse Books: Gender Identity

Created by Top Grade on January 7, 2016
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A #wehavediversebooks selection for children and teens.
Superfab Saves the Day

Superfab Saves the Day

by Bérengère Delaporte & Jean Leroy
also available: eBook
tagged : self-esteem & self-reliance, clothing & dress, humorous stories

Meet Superfab: the best-dressed superhero around. He's got a walk-in closet, an extensive collection of outfits, and fabulous style to boot. The only problem is, he can't leave his house to go fight crime until he has the perfect outfit on – and sometimes that takes awhile. It often takes so long that by the time he arrives at the scene of a crime, another superhero has already gotten the job done. Superfab finds himself less and less in demand, until one day he gets called to help out in a c …

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Superfab was really SUPER.
He lived in a SUPER rabbit hole with a SUPER living room, where he read SUPER books.
He even had a SUPER kitchen, where he made his SUPER-spicy pumpkin-carrot soup.
But, best of all, Superfab's SUPER rabbit hole had...
...a SUPER walk-in closet!

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Spirit Level

Spirit Level

by Sarah N. Harvey
also available: eBook
tagged : alternative family, dating & sex, siblings

Harriet (known as Harry) is a donor-conceived child who has never wanted to reach out to her half-siblings or donor—until now. Feeling adrift after a breakup with her long-time boyfriend, Harry tracks down her half-siblings, two of whom are in Seattle, where Harriet lives. The first girl she meets is fifteen–year-old Lucy, an effervescent half-Japanese dancer. Then she meets Meredith, a troubled girl who is always accompanied by her best friend, Alex. Harry and Alex are attracted to each oth …

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