Canadian publishers feel strongly that it is important to publish diverse books for children and teens from K-12 with multicultural characters and stories featuring diversity in the areas of: ability, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, race, and religion.

Diverse Themes and Subjects

Abilities: Stories featuring differently-abled kids and families.

Aboriginal, First Nations, MĂ©tis, and Inuit: Contemporary stories, as well as folklore, from aboriginal communities.

Citizenship, Immigration, and Place of Origin: Stories of immigration, adjustment, and ancestry.

Religion, Culture, and Celebrations: Stories from religious and cultural minorities, and of the communities’ traditions and celebrations.

Family: Stories featuring families with unique, non-nuclear structures, or from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

Gender Identity and Expression: Stories featuring persons expressing their gender identity in a unique way.

LGBTQ: Stories from LGBTQ communities.

Race, Colour, Ethnic Origin: Stories from people of colour and racial minorities.

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