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published: Sep 2014
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Woods Cree Stories

by Solomon Ratt

tagged: native american languages, indigenous studies

Humour is not only the best medicine; it is also an exceptionally useful teaching tool.

So often, it is through humour that the big lessons in life are learned--about responsibility, honour, hard work, and respect. Cree people are known for their wit, so the tales in Woods Cree Stories are filled with humour. The book includes nine stories--including Boys Get Lost, Foolishness, and Animals Become Friends--and a Woods Cree-to-English glossary.

All the stories are presented in Cree syllabics, Standard Roman Orthography, and English translation and can be enjoyed by those new to the language and more advanced learners.

About the Author

Solomon Ratt

Contributor Notes

Solomon Ratt, a Woods Cree speaker and educator from Stanley Mission, Saskatchewan is an associate professor in the Department of Indigenous Languages, Arts and Cultures at the First Nations University of Canada.

Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
12 to 18
7 to 12


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Woods Cree Stories

The nine humourous tales in Woods Cree Stories teach big life lessons—about honour, hard work, and respect. Presented in English, Cree syllabics, and Standard Roman orthography.

This book can be shared with students as an example of dual language text (i.e., Cree/ English). There are nine standalone stories in this collection, each set in the woods. For reluctant readers, the book has an additional appeal, since each story is less than eight pages in length and each is filtered with humour as well as lessons about responsibility and respect. The Cree-to English glossary is an added bonus to this book.

Also available: Blackfoot Stories of Old by Inge Gene

Source: Association of Canadian Publishers. Top Grade Selection 2016.

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