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published: Jan 2014
publisher: Annick Press

The Nutmeg Princess

by Richardo Keens-Douglas, illustrated by Annouchka Galouchko

tagged: caribbean & latin america

A powerful modern fable about friendship, faith, and the nature of beauty.

Best friends Aglo and Petal live on a small island in the Caribbean called the Isle of Spice (based on Grenada). When Petite Mama tells them the story of a mysterious nutmeg princess whom only she has seen, Aglo and Petal decide they must go and ind the elusive princess themselves.

The beautiful princess appears, but Aglo is the only one who can see her. As the rest of the village rushes up the mountain in the hopes of acquiring the princess’s riches, Aglo and Petal learn that greed and selfishness aren’t rewarded, and they receive an unexpected reward of their own—the knowledge that true riches come from experiencing beauty and selfessness.

First published in 1992, The Nutmeg Princess has become a well-loved classic. The idea for the story was the result of a school visit where a little girl put up her hand and asked if Keens-Douglas knew a story about a black princess. At the time, he didn’t, but it was all he needed to inspire him. This new edition is fully revised, with condensed text and stunning revised art from Annouchka Galouchko.

About the Authors

Richardo Keens-Douglas

Annouchka Galouchko

Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
6 to 9
p to 2
Editorial Reviews

“A simple narrative filled with vibrant warm colours with gorgeous illustrations, the newest edition of this well-loved story of true friendship will teach children what it is to believe in oneself and others.”—Quebec Library Association Bulletin, 04/15

“An inspiring tale that conveys the true meaning of friendship and courage … a marvellous read for children of all ages.”—Edwards Book Club, 06/10/14

“It is a simple story—yet playful and evocative—brought to life by its unique, full-page illustrations.”—CM Reviews, 04/11/14

“The Grade 3 class I read the book to were very captivated by the illustrations.”—Resource Links, 06/14

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Top  Grade
Librarian review

The Nutmeg Princess

A powerful modern fable about two children on the Isle of Spice (Grenada) who discover true friendship, faith, and the nature of beauty.

This book, first published over thirty years ago, is a strong fable and a special resource for learning about Caribbean culture. This is an ideal source to demonstrate how words and pictures work together to tell a story. For character education, The Nutmeg Princess is a story of co-operation and responsibility.

Source: Association of Canadian Publishers. Top Grade Selection 2016.

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