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published: Oct 2014
publisher: Heritage House Publishing

Brothers of the Wolf

by Caroll Simpson

tagged: wolves & coyotes, native canadian

This is the tale of two wolf cubs found and raised in a village on the Pacific coast as human children and a lazy Moon who gets up when he wants to, covering the land and sea in unpredictable periods of darkness.

The wolf cub brothers, named Tkope and Klale, are very different from each other. One feels most at home in the forest, while the other is more comfortable in the sea. When they undergo a supernatural transformation, one turns into a Sea Wolf and one turns into a Timber Wolf. Although they are separated, their howling voices unite at regular intervals, waking up Moon and saving the world from uncertain darkness. Taking inspiration from the legends and visual art of Northwest Coast First Nations, this beautifully illustrated story is ideally suited to children aged six to nine.

About the Author

Caroll Simpson

After fifteen years of teaching art and culture to elementary students, author and illustrator Caroll Simpson moved off the grid to a remote fishing lodge in northern British Columbia. On the shores of this wilderness, with water access only, Simpson operated a successful fishing business for over twenty years. She lives on Vancouver Island with her husband, Helmut.
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5 to 8
2 to 5

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Librarian review

Brothers of the Wolf

This is the tale two wolf cubs raised as human children in a village on the Pacific coast. The two brothers are very different from one another. One feels most at home in the forest, while the other loves the sea. When they undergo a supernatural transformation, the brothers must part ways. But they soon discover how the power of their howling voices can unite to save the world from uncertain darkness.

Elements of traditional storytelling, including a glossary of terms and images brings the reader knowledge of the First Nations people in this collection of books. This collection of books is useful in literacy planning, specifically, storytelling skills.

The themes found in this story are: family relationships, respecting the environment, and choices.

Source: Association of Canadian Publishers. Top Grade Selection 2016.

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