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category: Children's Fiction
published: Aug 2002
publisher: Coteau Books

Andrei and the Snow Walker

by Larry Warwaruk

tagged: intermediate
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Larry Warwaruk

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9 to 11
4 to 6


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Andrei and the Snow Walker

Andrei and his family leave Ukraine for a homestead near Batoche, Saskatchewan, in 1900. Andrei has never worked so hard, helping to build a home, breaking land, learning to hunt with two Metis friends, Gabriel and Chi Pete. They tell him about Snow Walker, a man of unusual powers and wisdom - a man some say can change into a bear. And sometimes, in the woods, Andrei thinks he sees a figure moving... Brovko's Amazing Journey by Larry Warwaruk Author available for classroom visits @larrywarwaruk

Determination and perseverance are the central themes of this novel about a young immigrant’s experience in rural Saskatchewan in the early twentieth century. Students who enjoy reading stories about horses will be captivated by Andrei’s dream of owning a colt and becoming a great horseman like his grandfather. This novel provides insights into the Métis culture and ancestral wisdom.

Source: Association of Canadian Publishers. Top Grade Selection 2016.

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