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published: Nov 2012
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Adventures of Gus & Isaac

HO, HO, NO Christmas

by Debbie Hanlon

tagged: bullying

THE SECOND INSTALLMENT in the Gus and Isaac series, Ho Ho NO Christmas! follows the adventures of Gus the seagull and Isaac the bob-tailed cat in their attempt to save Christmas and help Santa, who has become lost in the snow and wind, land his sleigh in a snowstorm. With the help of their trusty spudgel, they fly to Santa’s rescue and learn the valuable lesson that Christmas is not just about receiving but more importantly about the gift of giving that should last all through the year.

About the Author
Debbie Hanlon is the mother of three children who finally left home, giving her time to write. She lives in St. John’s with her husband and three cats.
Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
5 to 7
2 to 4


Top  Grade
Librarian review

The Adventures of Gus and Isaac: Backyard Bullies

Bullies roam the backyards, scaring and picking on everyone they find. So, when Isaac the bob-tailed cat moves into a house in the neighbourhood, you know he’ll be the next target. It’s only by forging an unlikely friendship with Gus the seagull, who’s afraid of heights, that the two can face their fears and stand up to the backyard bullies.

A seagull, a bob-tailed cat, and a trio of bully cats are central to this story about bullying that provides understanding of the uneasy feelings of those who are victimized and the meanness of those who feel they have a right to bully others. Some vocabulary, spread throughout the story is presented in larger red font which invites students to make inferences about the meaning of these words and then confirm their predictions by referring to the glossary at the end of the book.

Author available for school visits. @DebbieHanlon1

Source: Association of Canadian Publishers. Top Grade Selection 2016.

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